Scholarship Recipient Delivers Powerful Speech of Thanks

Colin Mccarey

Colin McCarey '12 served as manager of the CC Community Kitchen for three years.

Every year, Colorado College hosts an event to honor and celebrate those who have generously provided funds for scholarships and the students who benefit from that generosity. At the April 2012 Scholarship Appreciation Dinner, then-senior Colin McCarey delivered a powerful speech about the impact of CC on his life, which conveyed the importance of this type of philanthropic support.

An anthropology major with an art history and English minor, Colin completely immersed himself in CC and everything it offered. He served as manager of the CC Community Kitchen for three years, was a member of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity, served as a new student orientation leader and worked in the admission office.

We are pleased to share with you some excerpts from Colin's speech, which was so moving and influential that it inspired some donors to do even more.

In His Words
"I can neither quantify nor describe the great opportunities that I have had at Colorado College. I cannot express with words the things that I never expected to do, think or see that I have done, thought and seen. The classes and clubs, the friends and discussions...the true impact of these is engrained in my very being.

"It is great to attend a school willing to take a risk. It is great to attend a school where students are encouraged to pursue great opportunity and assume great responsibility. Colorado College presents a broad field of chances to excel and gives each student the resources that she or he needs to explore their passions.

"This, to me, is what makes CC great. This is why I feel so incredibly lucky to have been accepted and received the funding that I needed to attend Colorado College.

"Not every school places such confidence in its students, but it seems to me that the key to excellence is in the willingness to take risks, to give students the resources and support to do unexpected and extraordinary things.

"CC takes risks. The block plan itself was a risk, and it has proven itself mightily worthwhile. This is what sets Colorado College apart, and I sincerely hope that the College will retain its spirit of individuality and exploration in the future.

"When I graduate this year, I will leave with confidence and pride. I feel that I know how to question, address and improve the world that I will enter.

"CC has given me the world. But CC was given to me. You all in the audience, you did this for me. It is because of your generosity and faith in this school's mission and in its students that I am here—that any of us scholarship recipients are here. I would never have made it to this podium if not for your dedication to Colorado College and to taking risks on students who could not make it this far on their own.

"I have developed a great confidence that CC will always have a place for students like me. But you, you more than anything else, reassure me that the future here will be more vibrant than the present. Your contributions in scholarships and aid are critical to the Colorado College that I know, and the surety of the funds that you have created dispels the fear in my mind.

"Students like me will be able to come to CC in the future. I cannot possibly express my gratitude for that. ..."

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